Take part, have fun, stay safe


Swimming in open water, the sea, rivers and lakes is very different from swimming in a pool. Swim Safe offers an opportunity for children aged between 7 to 14 to learn how to keep themselves safe when swimming in open water and what to do if they get into trouble. 

From the 20th of July until the 31st of August (every Friday) children will have the chance to take part in a fun, practical, interactive Swim Safe session at Margate Beach, Margate and learn how to stay safe by the sea. 

There are several FREE one hour sessions throughout the day. All sessions will include advice provided by qualified lifeguards and up to 30 minute in-water tuition with accredited swimming teachers. 


Visit swimsafe.org.uk to book your session in advance or visit us on the day. 


Margate main sands,
Marine Terrace

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